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  • G5IVE Stripclub Package

    G5IVE Stripclub Package


    After the closing of the world famous King of Diamonds, G5IVE Miami stepped up to the plate and it is holding its own. G5IVE is the newest urban stripclub and is the spot to be seen for your party. We start the night at Harad's Bar at 10 o'clock sharp for the 2 hour open bar. Following the open bar, we load everyone on our party bus to G5IVE. Upon arrival at the club, we walk in no line no wait. At 4am the bus takes everyone back to South Beach. The G5VE package is available every Saturday night. To book you would make a deposit of $25 online and $52 at Harad's. Please call 305.304.9162 for more info or to purchase go to our tickets section. No online vouchers cannot be used towards the purchase of this package. Prices are subject to change for holiday weekends.

  • LIV Nightclub Package

    LIV Nightclub Package

    $80 -$100

    Melding the allure of the historical Fontainebleau and contemporary entertainment, LIV has redefined nightlife on Miami Beach. The quintessential nightspot, fuses the appeal of an ultra exclusive lounge and a high-energy nightclub. With over 18,000 square feet of striking architectural design and lavish decor, LIV sets the stage for the ultimate nightlife experience. A voyeuristic design throughout the nightclub gives guests a bird's eye view of the celebrities, VIPs and Miami's most beautiful crowd. The night starts with a 2 hour open from 9:30 until 11:30pm. Afterwards we whisk you away with a limousine to Club LIV followed by no line no wait entry. Availability: Wednesday Thursday Friday & Saturday. $80- $100 per person. $25 online $55 -$75 at open bar. Prices can fluctuate according to date/ artist/ event.

  • STORY Nightclub Package

    STORY Nightclub Package

    $80 -$100

    STORY is a unique destination for consumers looking for an unparalleled, energy nightlife experience. The 27,000 square foot space is equipped with a state-of-the artInfinite Hybrid Sound System and its concert style lighting and visuals stand bigger and bolder than the competition. Its stylish design and sophisticated feel compliment a premium bottle service experience, offering over 60 exclusive VIP tables & five full-service bars. STORY’s in-house production & design team transforms the venue on a nightly basis into an extravagant circus-style setting where nothing’s shocking. Open bar limo and VIP no line entry and availability is Thursday Friday and Saturday, start time 930pm. $80 -$100 per person. $25 online $55 -$75 at open bar. Prices can fluctuate according to date/ artist/ event.

  • Studio 23 Party Package

    Studio 23 Party Package

    $47 -$67

    Thursday nights have never been better. If you're in town you do not want to miss Studio 23. Right in the heart of South Beach, Studio 23 is a hip hop club that holds it's own and is a venue you'd want to visit for your stay.  

    We start the night at 10pm at our local favorite well spot, Harad's with an open bar for 2 hours followed by party bus to the club and no line entry. $25 deposit to reserve online ,$22 for ladies and $42 for gentlemen at the open bar.

  • Club Exchange Party Package

    Club Exchange Party Package

    $47 -$67

    Get ready and put your dancing shoes on for the hottest Friday Hip-Hop party in all South Beach. 

    The night starts at Harad's at 10pm with a 1 and a half hour open bar and then a short ride on a party bus to Club Exchange. Upon arrival, we walk you in no waiting in line. The whole package is $47 for ladies, gentlemen $67. $25 deposit is made online, the balance of 22 and 42 is due at Harad's.

  • Club Cameo Party Package

    Club Cameo Party Package

    $47 -$67

    A longtime mainstay, Cameo has been in business doing its thing for the last 30 years. Known for the most intense Hip - Hop and R&B parties on Saturday nights, Cameo is sure to be around for another 30. 

    Open bar and festivities begin at Harad's at 10pm followed by the party bus and VIP no no wait entry into the club. $47 for ladies, gentlemen $67. $25 online the remaining balance is due at Harad's.

  • Epic Party Boat Package

    Epic Party Boat Package


    Start the day with an amazing trip along the white sand islands of South Beach. Get on a comfortable boat and set sail for Flagler Monument Island, where a world of fun and adventure awaits you. A group of friends looking for a boat party, bachelor or bachelorette party, family, corporate events and more. 

    The package includes: 4 hours charter, room for 15 people, captain, music, complimentary drinks, ( vodka and mixers) life jackets. Important info12 noon departure. We will meet at 1635 N. Bayshore Drive Marina at 12 noon. Bring bathing suit towels and sunscreen. BYOB is encouraged we have an ice cooler onboard! The package costs $80 dollars per person. $20 per person to reserve your spot, you will pay the balance at the marina.

  • Club Space Party Package

    Club Space Party Package


    Our Club Space party packages are finally here! If you love EDM and are partying on a Saturday night, then this is the must be spot to be at. 

    Our packages consist of a 1 hour drink specials at start time 930pm until 1030pm and then a premium liquor open bar which includes wine and draft beers from 1030pm until 1130pm. At 1130pm we leave with the party bus on the way to Space. There is no waiting in line or cover. There is also an open bar ( vodka + mixers) at the club from 12 midnight until 100am. Tickets are $45 each for guys and girls. A deposit of $25 would be made online, you would pay the difference of $20 at Beds n' Drinks.

  • Babylon Stripclub Package

    Babylon Stripclub Package


    Along with G5IVE, Babylon is the most happening urban hip hop stripclub in the Miami area. With its ample seating and 5 dance floors, we would definitely have a lot of space for you and your group. 

    We start the night at Harad's Miami at 10 PM for the 2 hour open bar. From there we load your group along with others on our party bus to the Babylon and at arrival everybody gets walked in with little to no wait. The Babylon Package is available every Thursday & Monday. To book you would make a deposit of $25 online and $32 at Harad's. Pleaase call 305-304-9162 for more info or to purchase go to our tickets section. Please note no online vouchers can be applied towards the purchase of this package. Prices can change due to holiday weekends.

  • Bottle Service

    Bottle Service


    Most Miami clubs have very large VIP sections which are usually located in the middle of the entire club. If you want to be where the action is, this is the place for you! If you are planning a special occasion like a bachelor or bachelorette party in Miami it gives you the ultimate nightclub experience. Perfect for large groups and special occasions bottle service is a great alternative to the party packages that we offer. Feel like a VIP (even if it’s only for one night) and have access to the entire club. Some of the hip hop clubs we offer have bottle package pricing that includes tax and gratuity.

    VIP bottle service all depends on the number of people in your party as well and the ratio of ladies to gentlemen. Bottle service for Club LIV and Club Story starts at $1500 +31% for tax and gratuity for a party of 3-4 people, table minimums are higher for all male groups, special events and guest djs. The Hip Hop clubs we offer have service package pricing that would include tax and gratuity. A $200 deposit will go towards the price of the table service. Call us at 305-304-9162 for more info or before booking service as some nights may be blacked out due to a special dj/artist.

  • LIV on Sunday Access

    LIV on Sunday Access


    Step into the world-famous Fontainebleau Miami Beach Resort and experience the best hip-hop club in Miami at "LIV On Sunday!" Commonly referred to as "church" here in Miami, this world-famous hip hop party has celebrities flocking here from around the globe each and every Sunday night. These weekly hip-hop parties at LIV Miami are where the rich, the famous, and the biggest names in hip hop go to celebrate album release parties, birthdays, and other exclusive events.

    Created by Headliner Marketing Group, LIV On Sunday is the most exclusive Sunday hip-hop party in the world, so getting into this party is almost impossible without knowing the right people. If you're showing up with a celebrity, you may not have a problem walking right in. If you're not, be prepared to stand in line with a crowd of hundreds of people for hours on end.

    The LIV on Sunday cover charge will usually set you back about $200 per person, depending on celebrity appearances and special events — that is, if you're lucky enough to get past the rope. Getting into LIV Miami is all about who you know, and knowing the right people could be the difference between walking in right away without a problem or having your night ruined by standing in lines and never getting in. 

  • South Beach Booze Cruise

    South Beach Booze Cruise


    The 3 hour booze cruise cruise is like our Epic Party Boat on steroids! This cruise is the ultimate party on the water that you & your group will be talking about for a long time.

    We start our cruise at Senor Frog's 2 hours before the party starts. You'll receive your event wristband and a complimentary drink. From there we load everyone on the party bus to Bayside Miami 45 minutes before the event starts.

    The cruise includes a 3 hour open bar (vodka, rum, whiskey, gin, tequila), cocktails (mojitos, margaritas), beer, juices and sodas. BBQ, appetizers, sweets and fruits. Swim stop island with water sports: jet ski (passenger ride) and banana boat. A deejay playing the best open format music: r&b, hip hop, reggaeton and house music. An entertainment host with contests (erotic, drinking, twerking) and our legendary champagne showers all while enjoying our iconic Miami skyline in the backdrop.

    This package runs only on the weekends, Friday Saturday and Sunday and start times are 6pm until sunset. It's $100 per person and requires a $30 deposit online and $70 at Senor Frogs at arrival.

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